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LEE Dong-youb

Lee Dong Youb received his B.s. and M.A. from Hong-Ik University. He is one of the most important founders of a Korean abstract painting movement, Dansaekhwa. He participated in a group show entitled Five Korean Artists, Five Kinds of White held in Tokyo Gallery in May 1975, which is often credited as an exhibition that introduced Dansaekhwa for the first time. 

Lee Dong Youb created white surface Dansaekhwa paintings for over fifty years until his death. The color white is a void for consciousness and a vessel for thought. From 1980s, the artist began the Between series with wide white brushstrokes on white backgrounds. This gesture made the paintings to generate and capture the natural overlap and the soaking of color. The artist repeated countless strokes to exclude materiality and realize spirituality like a truth-seeker. His white canvas reminds the viewer to fill the work with thought and interpretation. 

Lee Dong Youb marked his achievements in Korean modern art history by participating in many significant exhibitions, including the 1st Independent Exhibition and his artwork is a part of public collections at Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea.





1946     Born in Korea

1973      B.F.A & M.F.A. of Art Education, the College of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University, Seoul 



Solo Exhibitions 

2015     Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul

2008     Hakgojae, Seoul

2005     Tong-In Gallery, Seoul

2003     CAIS Gallery, Seoul

2002     Gallery M, Daegu, Korea

2000     Galerie Bhak, Seoul

1993     Haenan-Kent Gallery, New York

1992     Koart Gallery, Seoul 

1988     Saem Gallery, Seoul

1985     Yoon Gallery, Seoul

1983     Space Gallery, Seoul

1977     Seoul Gallery, Seoul; Korea Mura Matsu Gallery, Tokyo



Group Exhibitions

2008     Inter-viewing Paintings: The Interface between Eastern-style paintings and Western-style paintings in South 

             Korea, SOMA Museum of Art, Seoul

2007     Hommage 100: Korean Contemporary Art 1970-2007, Korea Art Center, Busan Korea International Art Fair, 

             COEX, Seoul

2006     100 Years of Korean Art Part 2: Tradition, Human, Art, Reality, National Museum of Contemporary Art, 

             Gwacheon, Korea

2002     Rereading of Korean Contemporary Art III: Critical Reviews of 1970s Monochrome Paintings, Hanwon 

             Museum of Art, Seoul

             Korean Contemporary Art from the mid-1970s to mid1980s: Age of Philosophy and Aesthetics, National 

             Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

2000     The Nature, Posco Museum, Seoul

             TraceEternal Trace and Pure Surface, CAIS Gallery, Seoul

             Gwangju Biennale Special ExhibitionAspect of Contemporary KoreanJapan Art, Gwangju, Korea

1997     Korean Art 97 Humanism AnimalismMechanism, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

1996     Korean Monochrome Painting in the 1970s, Gallery Hyundae, Seoul

1993     12 Contemporary Artists from Korea, Miyagi Museum, Miyagi, Japan

1991     A Grouping for the Identity of Contemporary Korean Art III, Hanwon Museum, Seoul

1990     Seoul Art Fair, Hoam Gallery, Seoul

1987     Black & White in Korean Contemporary Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

1986     Pastel Contemporain Coreen, Korean Cultural Center of France, Paris

             Korean Contemporary Arts, Galleries National de Grand Palais, Paris

             ASIA Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Museum of Modern Art, Gwacheon, Korea

1984     The 3rd Human Document 84/85, Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo

             Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei

             Exposition de La Peinture Blanche, French Cultural Center of Korea, Seoul

1983     Korean Contemporary Art ExhibitionThe Latter Half of the 1970s An Aspect', Tokyo Metropolitan Art 

             Museum, Tokyo; Museum of Modern Art, Tochigi; The National Museum of International Art, Osaka; The 

             Museum of Modern Art Hokkaido, Sapporo; The Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

1982     The Contemporary Formative Exhibition of Paper of Korea & Japan, National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul 

             in Korea and Kyoto in Japan

             The Contemporary Artists Print & Drawing Exhibition, Myung-Dong Gallery, Seoul 

1981     Drawing 81, National Museum of Art, Seoul 

             Young Artists Exhibition, National Museum of Art, Seoul 

             Korean Drawing Now, Brooklyn Museum, New York

1980     The 36 Contemporary Artists, KwanHoon Gallery, Seoul

             Asian Contemporary Art Festival, Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

             Grand Exhibition of Korean Prints & Drawings, National Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea Union Exhibition of 

             Korean Contemporary Art (Origin Association & Korean Contemporary Sculpture Association), Kwan-Hoon 

             Gallery, Seoul

             ASIA Contemporary Art Exhibition, Taipei

1979     Korean Arts Methods of Today, Fine Art Center Gallery, Seoul

             Union Exhibition of Art Groups, National Museum of Art, Seoul

1978     The Trend for the Past 20 Years in Korean Contemporary Arts, National Museum of Modern Art, 


             Korean Contemporary Painting & Sculpture Exhibition, National Museum of Art, Seoul 

             Work on Paper, Kyun-Ji Gallery, Seoul

1977     Korea Facet of Contemporary Art, Tokyo Central Museum, Tokyo

             Japan Korea-China Contemporary Art, National Museum of History, Taipei

197684 Origin Group Show, Seoul

1976     Invited Exhibition of 5 Korean Contemporary Artists, Seoul Gallery, Seoul

197585 Ecole de Seoul, Seoul, Korea 1975 Korea Five ArtistsHinsek (White), Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo

1974     The 6th International Painting Festival, Cagness, France

1973     Korean Contemporary Art 19571972 Abstraction: Situation Plastiqiue & Anti-Plastique, Myoung-Dong 

             Gallery, Seoul

1972     The 1st Independents, Seoul




1980     Grand Prize at the 7th Korean Fine Art Grand Prize Exhibition, Hankuk Ilbo, Seoul

1978     Special Selection at the 1st Grand Exhibition, Joongang Ilbo, Seoul, Korea Excellent Frontier Prize at the 5th 

             Grand Exhibition of Korean Fine Arts, Hankuk Ilbo, Seoul

1974     Prize at the 6th Cagness International Painting Festival, Cagness, France

1972     Grand Prize at the 1st Independants, Korean Fine Arts Association, Seoul




Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

The Museum of HongIk University, Seoul

Sung-Gok Art Museum, Seoul

POSCO Museum, Seoul







Interspace - Void 908


Acrylic on canvas

162.2 x 259 cm

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