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Hakgojae Gallery
colorLESS colors



Hakgojae gallery announce the opening of colorLESS colors, a group show that is consist of Europe, Korea and China artists’ works; Six artists of the exhibition by LEE Ufan, Roman OPALKA, Bernard FRIZE, Ian DAVENPORT, LEE Dongyoub and YINQI. All Six artists are involved in a ‘less’ conception that came out from Korea ancient paintings. After Hakgojae collection No.1 in 2008, the gallery pays attention to meaning of modern abstract art and has several exhibitions on that account.

This exhibition is composed of a collection at one place including LEE Ufan, known as a founder of mono-ha who is selected by The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum after Nam June Paik, is a painter, sculptor and philosopher and Roman OPALKA who is auctioned off high prices at Sothebys, is a French-born Polish conceptual artist. Opalka's work is described as containing the concept of time and evidence of existence. In addition, Yin Qi is a new generation Chinese artist who traveled extensively France and has lived long-term in Paris. Bernard Frize is a French abstract painter who lives and works in France and Germany. Frize is focused on the production process by working with a variety of materials and utilizing a multitude of techniques. As an artist he explores the bare minimal essence of painting. Ian Davenport was born in Kent. Many of Davenport’s works are made by pouring paint with injector onto MDF or aluminium panel surface that are flipped or tipped to move paint. His art is rooted in an Eastern appreciation of the nature of materials and also in modern European phenomenology. Born in 1946, Lee Dong Youb is considered as one of the most important founders of Korean abstract painting movement Danseakhwa. Lee Dong Youb created white surface Dansaekhwa for over fifty years until his death. For him, the color white is a void for consciousness and a vessel for thought. Though their artworks depict significantly different methodology, they part take in a creation process of similar spiritual unity to us.


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