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Giuseppe Penone was born in 1947, Italy. Starting 1970, he attended Accademia di Belle Arti, Torino for a while but as he regretted the educational system, moved to countryside and made artwork at a woodshop. Penone is a part of ‘Arte povera’ movement of Italy (1960-1970) which believed in using natural materials like dirt, wood, metal piece, cement, and rags and presenting them without radical transformation. Understanding the material’s natural beauty as a critical value, the artist tries to destroy the social system and the material world by making art with life and nature. With such belief and motive, Penone particularly uses trees, forests, and his own body to explore human being’s identity and place in nature. Penone speaks of the relationship between human and nature by using easily accessible materials such as rock, resin, leather, tree, etc. When transformed by Penone as art objects, these materials metaphorically speak of the connection between the two very different beings: human and nature. The organic sculptures have their very own lives and endlessly change in time. The changes that occur naturally in the materials used with the artistic input by Penone breathe positive energy to the viewers.
Kubi Series


Gouache on paper

79 x 93 cm

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