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ZHAO Nengzhi



Zhao Nengzhi takes people’s faces as his subject and depicts attitudes toward life and society and reveals inner wounds in his works. From a child to an adult, the appeared faces look worrisome and depressed; extreme contrast in brightness is emphasized and skins that are excessively distorted and swollen are outcries of energies and feelings that cannot be erupted in repressed situations. Zhao Nengzhi’s work express the inner side of an individual who has been neglected in contemporary society and is the medium that heals our wounds.
His recent work since 2014 have shown big changes on the surface. The portrayal of swollen skin has calmed down; disheveled brushstrokes and passionate facial expressions are nowhere to be seen. His figures have become smaller, weaker and constrained, and pushed to the corner. Figures drawn within his work are reflections of a depressed contemporary man who is fighting against his reality. Born in 1968 in Sichuan Province, Nanchung, Zhao Nengzhi graduated from Sichuan Institute of Fine Art. Currently, he lives and works in Chengdu and Beijing.




Zhao Nengzhi (China, b.1968 - )


1968       Born in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China

1990       Graduation from Sichuan Institute of fine Art, Chongqing


Lives and works in Beijing and Chengdu


Selected Solo Exhibitions


2012       Zhao Nengzhi, White Box Museum, Beijing, China

2007       Phantom  Zhao Nengzhi Solo Exhibition, Z-art Center, Shanghai, China

Hallucination, Zhao Nengzhi Solo Exhibition, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand

Hallucination, Zhao Nengzhi Solo Exhibition, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, Beijing

2006       Transforming, Zhao Nengzhi Solo Exhibition, Zhu Qizhan Museum, Shanghai, China

Zhao Nengzhi Solo Exhibition, Art Seasons, Singapore

Zhao Nengzhi FACES L.A. Gallery Frankfurt

Open Your Mouth Open Your Eyes Wide-ZhaoNengzhi, LA Gallery BeiJing, China

2004       Fragments of Memory-Zhao Nengzhi's work on paper, Soobin Gallery, Singapore

2001       Zhao Nengzhi, London UK

2000       Expression, ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai


Selected Group Exhibitions


2013       Portrait of the Times - 30 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art, Shanghai Contemporary Art

Museum, Shanghai, China

2011       Recapture, TangArt, Beijing, China
Relation, Cross the Duplicity, Gallery Artside, Beijing, China

2010       Ways of Seeing, Gaodi Gallery, Beijing, China
Blueroof Diary: the Exhibition of Creation and Opusculum, Chengduh Blueroof Art Gallery,

Chengdu, China

2009       Chasing Flames - 15 Chinese Contemporary Artists, Eli Klein Fine Art, New York, USA

2008       Faces and Faces, Dolores de Sierra Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2007       Chinas Neo Painting - A Triumph Over Images, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai

The Power of the Universe - Exhibition of Frontier Contemporary Chinese Art, Asia art Center, China

Revolution, ChinaSquare, NY, USA

Black, White and Gray, Today Art Musem, Beijing, China

From New Figurative Image to New Painting, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Word of mouth from four corners - 3th Guiyang art Biennale Exhibition, Guiyang Museum, China

Giant in illusion - Submission of Artworks to the Korea - Chinese Contemporary art, Korea

New South-West Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Chengdu, China

Chinese Whispers, Osage Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, China

Starting from the Southwest, Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Southwest China, Guangdong

Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China

Z-art Center Opening, Z-art Center, Shanghai, China

2006       Body Heng, Contemporary Art Center, Nanjing, China

Beyond Dimension, Chinese New Painting, SQUART Gallery of Contemporary Art, China

Unclear and Clearness, Seoul, Korea

Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

The Naked Truth, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand

The Self-Made Generation, Retrospective of New Chinese Painting 2005, ZENDAI MoMA,


The Power of Art on Paper, Art Seasons, Beijing, China

2005       Ten Eras Ten Colors, SOKA Contemporary Space, Beijing, China

Mahjong, Chinsieche Gegenwartkunst Aus Der Sammlung Sigg, Berne Museum, Switzerland

Mc1 Biennale Internationale DArt Contemporain Chinos Montpellier, Montpellier, France

Archaeology Of The Future, The Second Triennial Of Chinese Art Nanjing Museum Nanjing

Always to the front, China Contemporary Art, Kuandu Museum of fine Arts, Taipei, China

Chendu Biennial, Chendu Modern Museum, Chengdu, China

Grounding Reality, Seoul Art Center, Korea

Chendu Biennial, Chendu Modern Museum, Chengdu, China

2004       Blue House Art Center, Chengdu, China

Live in Chengdu, Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhen, China

4+1 Chinese Contemporary Art, Asia Art Center, Taipei, China

China Avantgarde (Part VI), LIMN, San Francisco, USA

2003       Interplay-Chinese Contemporary Art, Jakarta, Indonesia

Image of Images, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

New Generation and Post-revolution, Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing, China

2002       The Youth Cruelty Painting, Shanghai, Beijing

Chinese New Idea Photograph Art, Pingyao, Shanxi, China

On The Edge of The Millennium: New Art from China, New York And London

International Contemporary Art Fair Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

2001       ON Boys and Girls, Kunming and Singapore Basel Art Fair , Basel, Switzerland

Gely Different, Big Works by 11 Chinese Avant-garde Artists, Singapore, China

Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

2000       At the New Century, 1979-1999 China Art Invitation Show, Modem Art Museum, Chengdu, China

The Chengdu Movement, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Expression, Works by artists from China Hong Kong Taiwan, Taipei

1999       Liberation, London, UK

The Beauty of Materialism, Huadong Normal College Gallery, Shanghai, China

199899   International Art Exhibition, Featherstone, Boston, USA

1998       Black and White, China Contemporary, London UK

Christies Asian Avan-garde, London, UK

Confused - Reckoning with the Future Contemporary Chinese Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kunst RAL98, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1996       Best New Artist, Awarded by Jiangshu Art Monthly

1994       Fragment, Chongqing, China

1993       Chinese Oil Painting Biennale Exhibition, China National Gallery, Beijing, China








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