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Hakgojae Gallery

Hakgojae Gallery cordially invites you to Jung Hee Sohn’s solo exhibition titled ‘Pandora’ from December 4th to December 30th, 2015. Ceramic sculptor Jung Hee Sohn graduated with a B.A. in Art History from Barnard College in New York and a Masters in Ceramic& Glass Department from Hongik University in Seoul. After Sohn’s first solo exhibition in 2008, she has been developing artworks which show her personal perception of human nature by making figures based on characters that appeared in mythic world.

The title of this exhibition is ‘Pandora.’ In Greek mythology, Pandora is known to be a first women on the earth who brought up the humanitarian calamity. Through this exhibition, Sohn intends to show artworks that reveal her compassion towards human beings who are considered as a cause of original sin in the world like Pandora. Sohn has decided to accept the existence of human who cannot live with their own will, rather than criticizing them.

Her artworks require countless steps and efforts. First, she builds dynamical human figures with the use of clay, and paints them with the glaze. Then, she bakes them into the kiln at least three times, which requires a demanding process. Sometimes she adds on other materials such as feather, cloth, and woolen yarn on ceramic piece to create an affluent texture. This exhibition will offer the audience an opportunity to explore Jung Hee Sohn’s unconventional ceramic sculptures that other Korean artists do not even dare to try.




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